Black Sky

  • Hi
    Can anyone help please. Recently purchased the MML Sheffield to Derby route and every scenario i play all have black sky. I have reinstalled a couple of times but still the same. Anyone got any possible solutions

    Thanks in advance


  • You are better off raising a ticket as it would seem these forums arn't frequented as much as they should be.
    Something isn't right tho as the sky on my install is fine. Might be worth opening the scenario up in the editor. The first screen visible on the right hand side is the weather, try altering it.
    As soon as the editor as loaded move your mouse curser to right hand side of the screen to see the scenario properties, careful tho as it disappears if you click the mouse button

  • Think im going to have to pal. It could be my settings or something like that. Thanks for the reply.

  • JF Staff

    @Geoff68 Yes the support team will help you. There's no guarantee of product/customer support on these forums, they are very much for the community to swap notes and tips, sometimes you'll get help and guidance but our support team are much better placed to help.