Reliance on third-party addons

  • I must say I am somewhat disappointed about the amount of third-party stuff required for your products. I have just purchased Derby-Shefield, Leicester to Nottingham addon, and the 222 advanced. But I can't actually use the 222 unless I also buy a load of stuff from Armstrong Powerhouse. This is really not fair! I understand why you want to make use of other products to enhance the realism, but if you must, then there should be a half-way house of "scenarios requiring default + JT Stock".

  • JF Staff

    @happybasher So on the Derby to Leicester route, the most recently released route which I assume is the one you have just bought, within the product there are 39 different scenarios included as standard. 21 of those require payware stock (some of which are JT stock) and a further 18 that can be used with just default TS stock.

    We'd suggest and hope that's delivering quality for money and gives a pretty fair mix. People have clamoured for more scenarios using payware stock that they might already own, we have delivered on that front. People have requested scenarios where default stock can be used so they do not need to shell out for other products to enjoy the route and scenarios, we have delivered on that too and on the whole people seem very happy and content with the route and the scenarios on offer.

    Full list of the scenarios and details can be found on the product page as quick reference if required.

    Thanks for your custom.