Metropolitan line crashing (steam version)

  • Hello,

    I bought the recently released Metropolitan line bundle that came with the S7+1. The included scenarios will crash, giving a strange Out of Memory reason. I'm running the 64-bit version and have 32GB of ram installed, so I doubt that's the actual issue. There's a couple other reviews on steam saying the same thing. I also have a support ticket in. Anyone else have this issue or find a way around it?

  • I've got the non-Steam version and have found the same. Some scenarios load and run but a few crash with the 'OOM' error just when the cab view loads. I know of at least one other user who had the same issue and who did some investigation with Just Trains who were unable to come up with a solution. See discussion here:

    My work around, which works most of the time is to load one of the 'good' scenarios, end it, and then immediately load one of those that otherwise gives the 'OOM' error.

    It's not likely to be a case of running out of memory as I've monitored the memory usage and it's a lot lower than some scenarios from other developers which run without error.

    Andy L

  • Unfortunately there are no good routes in this one for me. I've tried loading most of the S7+1 scenarios, and they all give that error.

  • JT support told me to just refund it since none of their troubleshooting fixed it.