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    I purchased Traffic Global and I notice does NOT have any VOLARIS and AEROMAR TRAFFIC volaris and aeromar are big airlines in MEXICO Ihave before mytraffic 6 and they have all INTERJET AEROMEXICO VOLARIS VIVA AEROBUS AND AEROMAR thank you maybe in the next update they can ADD this airlines or how do we add these airlines

  • @mexusa12
    Coverage in some parts of the world is pretty sparse in TG (even the US regionals are mainly missing), so hopefully JF have taken note over the years and will be expanding the range of airlines in a promised upcoming update.

    Until then, a good way to plug the holes (especially if you have > P3Dv4 ) is to download the missing fleets from AIG, using their One Click Installer.

    Since both TG and AIG keep all the Simobjects & traffic files completely separate from your FSX/P3D installation, they can easily coexist in the sim.

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  • @mexusa12 said in VOLARIS AND AEROMAR FOR MEXICO:

    I need more information and how to add the aircraft with the volaris livery I try ADD livery i select a320 and volaris livery acts like is installing the livery but nothing shows??
    I try to edit the file no luck documents/TrafficGlobal/a320 and 321 both have volaris liveries but no luck if some one can add theme and let me know the configuration thank you

    Leo M