• I want to compliment you on your fabulous VC-10 release. IMHO, the VC-10 was one of the top three most beautiful airliners ever built.

    As a long time flight simmer, I can tell you that a functional, well modeled rendition of this aircraft has been much desired for a long time, and yours just about hits it out of the park. I was previously ambivalent about purchasing an airplane model with largely obsolete, nearly sixty year old avionics, but I realize that's the way the real plane was flown--and it is a stunning looking plane. I just couldn't resist, and I'm glad I bought it. The soundset is among the best I've experienced. The sound of those Conway engines is melodic, and akin to hearing a symphony.

    I'm hooked on the airplane, and I can't wait for the professional version.

    Some suggestions/wishes for future updates (if you're planning any), that will make the aircraft model even more complete:
    it would be great if you could add chocks to the model, along with the ground equipment. Also, I've noted that the craft, later in its life, was equipped with some avionics updates such as a more modern HSI and CDI, along with INS units and a TCAS gauge on the front instrument console. Would it be possible to add that option? Finally, I realized that this is a bit farfetched, but could there be a means added to integrate the GPS unit into the virtual panel?

    Also, is the nose gear steering/tiller, without concurrent rudder movement on the ground, simulated?

    Overall however, I just love the airplane--very nice work!