Class 172 Turbostar (West Midland Railway) and B'ham to Worcester line for Train Simulator 2019

  • Suggestion for Birmingham Snow Hill to Worcester line updated with class 172 Turbostar (West Midlands Railway) on Train Simulator 2019

    map of WMR.png

    The image above shows the route from Stratford-Upon-Avon and Dorridge all the way through Birmingham to Worcester. I would really love to see this route in Train Simulator as it is my local line and I have been playing Train simulator for a very long time hoping for this route to release. I then came to Just Trains where it still was not present. I therefore write this suggestion that this map is developed. If this route was released I genuinely do not think I would stop myself from playing it. On top of this, it can also be connected to the current available Chiltern Railways route from Marylebone to Snow Hill just as a more updated version with the West Midland railway class 172 included. In addition, for Chiltern Railways, you may know there is a Marylebone to Kidderminster route which can also be released with this as well as the West Midland Railway services carrying on down to Worcester.

    Thank you for Reading and I hope you really consider this suggestion.

    Yours sincerely,