Cabin Doors Functions on DC Concorde

  • @fernandito1969 Unfortunately, I'm new to GSX and I'm not really understanding what is happening.

    If you use shift E+2 R4 will open BUT if you command GSX, shift E+2 NO LONGER functions to open R4? Sounds like a GSX issue to me but sorry I don't know. I will investigate this when I have a chance. Am I understanding this correctly?

  • Thanks Sir! Will be on the look out if something emerges!

  • Hi;
    I just did some consultation with the folks at GSX Forum in regards to the issues of door functions when employing GSX and this was their reply.....
    "It's not possible that using ( or not ) GSX could have any effect on how the airplane opens ( or not, or how ) its doors. GSX never tries to open any doors automatically and will not change how they work". Any thoughts?

    Fernando Rentas

  • Well what do you know! I think I found partial solution Sir;

    1. I did opened L1 while in C&S Stat with Shift+D...
    2. Once the GPU was connected, I opened R4 with Shift+2..Success!.
    3. I then activated the switch on the Eng. Panel for Loading Procedures and the escalator came up for the time being.
    4. With the R4 Door still open I prompted Catering and GSX did its thing perfectly and so did for the Luggage but with the Cargo Container.
      I have to test now if switching GSX to the Belt Loader will reach that high on R4 and the luggage will make its way up into the cargo area.
      Only problem remains its that R4 will not close when prompted (Shift E+2) on its own once GSX has completed the last event. I have try to restarting GSX to enable me to detach all GSX items to proceed and try to close R4 but so far it will operate L1 only and R4 Stays in the open position. Any thoughts?

    Fernando Rentas

  • Hello Sir;
    Just doing a follow up on my last question in regards to Door R4 to enable me to close it after GSX concludes loading Passengers & Luggage. By pressing Shift E+2 only the main Cabin Door L1 operates but R4 remains open....Any thoughts available or Remedy?

    Fernando Rentas

  • Concorde only has two functioning doors really - the main forward exit and the upper loading door. Neither should be affected in any way by GSX, which is an external program which I don't own so I can't test it unfortunately. Very difficult to diagnose why it would not work after using GSX.

  • Concur (DC1973) and thanks for your input; I am here breaking my head open to figure why the R4 will not continue to function correctly as it does during "Catering and once Request Loading". ๐Ÿคฏ After Luggage Loading its completed R4 will stop functioning independently. In the attempt to close R4 by prompting Shift E+2 only L1 will function. I try to close L1 by way of the switch on the engineer panel first, detach the Jetway and then Shift E+2 to close it but the issue remains.๐Ÿ™„ ...Fustrating!!. Still waiting for feedback from a Forum Tech that could advise or share a remedy.
    Fernando R.

  • Being interacting lately with Techs at the GSX forum in regards to this issue and so far the doors operation defect with the Concorde lays right back here. Anyone have further advise to share on how to fix this bug????๐Ÿ™„


  • I'd suggest asking the Techs at the GSX forum if they know what needs to be done to fix it. As Dean has said, he doesn't have GSX so can't 'build for it', I don't have GSX either, so can't help. You have two addons which have both been built for the sim but don't seem to be working together - The only way that is likely to be fixed is for somebody who has both products and a knowledge of how they work to be able to dig into that. Once again, as far as I'm aware, that person isn't here unfortunately.

    Sorry not to have been of much further use but without being able to see what is happening there is no way of fixing it.

  • Delta558....Thanks for the advise. I have already consulted with them in regards to the issue and they have suggested to bring it back right here for a deeper look request. Hopefully someone will take notice of it that uses the GSX app and look into it.


  • @fernandito1969 Sorry, but as advised GSX is a third-party product and so I don't have any way of interacting with their product at all.

  • @fernandito1969 said in Cabin Doors Functions on DC Concorde:

    ..... they have suggested to bring it back right here for a deeper look request. ...

    Sounds like they are playing ping pong.. "not our fault your product doesn't work with GSX" Chicken and egg situation: They expect Dean to buy GSX and look into why his Concorde doesn't work. Why doesn't GSX buy Dean's Concorde and look into why their product doesn't work with it?? ๐Ÿคจ

  • @HighBypass That's about it unfortunately. I'd buy GSX but I'm working only in MSFS now so there isn't much point in me purchasing it.